Sectional Sofa

Xanadu Santa Fe offers dozens of different styles of Sofa, Sectionals, Love Seats and Chairs that can be custom made to your personal specifications by choosing from literally 100’s of different choices of fabrics or leathers that suit your needs.  Almost any piece of furniture you see can also be made as a recliner or a sofa as a sectional.  Find the style you are most attracted to, choose the materials that you would like it made with and then decide what configuration best meets your requirements for your room.  You get to be the architect and create your own custom made piece of furniture at no additional charge.  Every piece of furniture is made from scratch so we might as well make it the way you want it.  You can’t get more custom than that.

Feel free to call us at anytime to discuss your furniture needs and we will help walk you through the process from start to finish.  Also, keep in mind that we ship everywhere and have the best rates in the industry.  Your No Tax Savings will almost pay for the shipping.  Call us today and we can tell you what the price of the furniture will be as well as a quote for shipping direct to your door.  505-424-3231

Custom Sectional sofa, Custom Furniture, contemporary furniture, southwast furniture
Custom Made Sectional Sofa. Almost any piece of furniture you see can be made into a recliner unit, or add a chaise or only a sofa. You find the style you like and we will make it for you with your fabric selection.
Custom made Sectional Sofa, custom furniture, contemporary furniture,
Custom made and very unique designed Sectional Sofa. The chaise can go on either end or not at all. The overall length can be made longer or shorter. You tell us what size you need and it can be made to your specifications. That Is Custom Made.